Big Data EDW Solution

What is the business need?

  • Develop EDW for ranch management and culture analytics
  • Develop optimal culture formula so that every strawberry ranch can implement similar combinations of pesticide, fertilizer etc.

Big Data EDW Solution


  • Why is Costco paying less on some strawberry crates produced from the same farm?
  • Who is the best strawberry picker?
  • Why does one ranch have more yield compared to other – can we build location based culture?

Our Solution

  • Store millions of strawberry crate info including picker HR, ranch agriculture practice, and generated revenue and cost at crate level in HDFS
  • Process data using Hadoop tools along with Oracle CRM, SQL Server SSIS and Cognos reports


  • Reduction in Process time
  • Managed 4 yr. historical data and compare year to year metrics
  • Increased quality in picking process –  through improved hiring process