Parts Inventory Management

What is the business need?

  • Develop and maintain 200 million Vehicle Recycled Parts (RPS) inventory on a daily basis to support 40,000 insurance company approved repair shops

Parts Inventory Management


  • Validating nearly 200 million RPS parts is very time consuming in Exadata with a very high cost of processing per part ( 25 cents )
  • High cost of repair due to obsolete inventory info

Our Solution

  • Used Hadoop HDFS to store the files and MapReduce jobs to process the data. Used Hive, SQOOP and Pig as ETL
  • Hadoop’s exceptional parallel processing using MapReduce framework reduced processing time


  • Reduced Average Claim Cost
  • Reduced processing cost to 10 cents per part
  • Reduced process time from 10 hrs. to 2 hrs. with minimal investment
  • Eliminated Datastage
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction Index
  • More accurate RPS inventory