Prescription Drug Pricing

What is the business need?

  • Replace DataStage ETL to implement 340B custom validation rules (a small subset of all validation rules)
  • Validate the performance of the Hadoop-based real-time architecture with the existing 340b program for custom validation rules

Prescription Drug Pricing


  • Prescriptions are processed in batch.
  • processing times are increasing as the number of prescriptions that must be evaluated for 340b qualification is increasing
  • DataStage is very expensive and scaling is not a cost effective options
  • Not a near real time

Our Solution

  • Design a scalable Big Data solution to address growing data volume and complex data processing needs
  • Enable near real-time data ingestion
  • Process millions of Prescription fills using HDFS, Hive, Pig, Java and HBase


  • 4 hr. in DataStage has been reduced to 1 hr. in Hadoop
  • Able to run metrics more often